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    What is the ReadyScore?

    The ReadyScore is a tool created by Resolve to Save Lives, an initiative of Vital Strategies. The score determines whether a country is prepared to find, stop, and prevent epidemics, using data from the World Health Organization’s Joint External Evaluation. Like a report card, there are 19 areas of preparedness and response capacity that are scored, first by a group of national experts of the country and then by an external group of international experts. The ReadyScore is the average score of the 19 preparedness areas. The ReadyScore relays five levels of preparedness:

    • Better Prepared (80% or higher)
      Country has a robust system to find, stop and prevent health threats. Should an outbreak start to spread, they should be able to find and stop it quickly to minimize the impact on human health, but they must remain vigilant.
    • Work to Do (40-79%)
      Country has assessed their ability to find, stop and prevent health threats. The results show they have some functioning systems in place should an outbreak start to spread. However, there is room for improvement and lives could be lost if a new health threat emerges.
    • Not Ready (39% or lower)
      Country has assessed their ability to find, stop and prevent health threats and identified significant gaps. They are committed to improving epidemic preparedness, but an outbreak today could cause numerous deaths and spread to neighboring countries and the world.
    • In Progress
      Country has began the external evaluation process but no data is available at this time. There is not a robust way of knowing whether this country is prepared for an epidemic, but there will be in the near future.
    • Unknown
      Country has not volunteered to have an external, transparent evaluation of their ability to find, stop and prevent health threats. Without this robust assessment we cannot be certain they are ready prevent epidemics.


    What scale is the ReadyScore based on?

    The ReadyScore calculates each country’s level of epidemic preparedness on a scale from 0 to 100, with 0 representing a country that is not ready and 100 representing a country that is better prepared. A score higher than 80 indicates that a country is better prepared for an epidemic.

    What does the ReadyScore mean for your country?

    The ReadyScore tells you how prepared your country is to find, stop and prevent an epidemic. By looking at the score, and the accompanying information, you can learn what your country needs to do to be better prepared.

    How does the ReadyScore impact you?

    The ReadyScore is important because it takes just 36 hours for an infectious disease to spread around the world. The ReadyScore tells you if your country is prepared, and if it is not, highlights the steps that should be taken to improve preparedness.

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