Resolve to Save Lives


What Are the ReadyScore Factors?

A country’s ability to find, stop and prevent epidemics is based on their performance in 19 preparedness areas, such as whether they have an emergency operations center, laboratory network or disease tracking system.

Prevent Outbreaks

  • National Legislation, Policy and Financing
    Country has legislation, policy, and financing in place to support overall preparedness for prevention of epidemics.
  • IHR Coordination, Communication and Advocacy
    Country government can coordinate activities to find, stop and prevent public health emergencies.
  • Antimicrobial Resistance
    Country can find, stop and prevent the development of antibiotic resistance.
  • Zoonotic Disease
    Country has systems in place to prevent transmission of diseases from animals to humans, and find and stop them when they occur.
  • Food Safety
    Country can find and stop foodborne disease and food contamination.
  • Biosafety and Biosecurity
    Country can handle dangerous diseases in laboratories and respond to biological threats.
  • Immunization
    Country vaccination coverage can protect the population and systems are in place to access and deliver vaccines.

Find and Verify Outbreaks

  • National Laboratory System
    Country has a national laboratory system to test disease specimens and confirm outbreaks.
  • Real-Time Surveillance
    Country can find disease outbreaks quickly.
  • Reporting
    Country can report potential public health threats to the international community.
  • Workforce Development
    Country has capable workforce to find, stop and prevent outbreaks.

Stop Outbreaks

  • Preparedness
    Country has done preparedness planning and risk assessment for public health emergencies.
  • Emergency Response Operations
    Country has emergency system to find and stop outbreaks.
  • Linking Public Health and Security Authorities
    Country public health and security officials can exchange information during a suspected or confirmed biological event.
  • Medical Countermeasures and Personnel Deployment
    Country is able to deploy personnel and protective measures, including medicines and vaccines, in the event of an emergency.
  • Risk Communication
    Countries can listen and exchange information between experts and the public effectively so that healthcare workers and the public can take protective measures.

Protect from Other Public Health Threats

  • Points of Entry
    Country is able to find, stop and prevent potential health threats at land borders, sea ports and airports.
  • Chemical Emergencies
    Ability to find, stop and prevent chemical emergencies.
  • Radiation Emergencies
    Ability to find, stop and prevent radiation emergencies.