More than 100 outbreaks occur around the world daily and can spread worldwide in just 36 hours due to increased global travel. We all have a responsibility to support epidemic preparedness.

On, you can get informed, share information and discover how you can join in to raise awareness and advocate for epidemic preparedness.

Solomon Islands has had:

How Prepared Is Solomon Islands?



Solomon Islands has not volunteered to have an external, transparent evaluation of its ability to find, stop and prevent health threats. Without this transparent assessment, we cannot be certain they are ready to find, stop and prevent epidemics. Without this, we have no independent way of knowing their level of preparedness.

Solomon Islands has not committed to a JEE.

Are Your Neighbors Ready?

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Epidemic preparedness is not just about your country; it’s a global issue. Right now Solomon Islands is not ready for an epidemic. What happens when an epidemic breaks out in Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu?

Neighboring Countries ReadyScore Status
Papua New Guinea







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