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    What is the JEE?

    The Joint External Evaluation (JEE) is a transparent, external evaluation of a country’s ability to find, stop and prevent disease threats. Like a report card, there are 19 areas of epidemic preparedness and response capacity that are scored, first by a group of domestic experts and then by an external group of international experts. The assessment is voluntary, conducted every five years, and the results are reported by the World Health Organization.

    What does the JEE Assess?

    The 19 preparedness areas assessed by the JEE are arranged under the following categories:

    • Find
      How prepared is a country to find an outbreak?
    • Stop
      How prepared is a country to stop an outbreak?
    • Prevent
      How prepared is a country to prevent an outbreak?
    • Protect
      Is a country able to protect citizens from other public health threats?

    Learn more about the 19 preparedness areas on the ReadyScore Factors page.

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