Our mission is to save lives.

Our team of global health experts works with governments to help them implement evidence-based strategies that allow their people to lead the healthiest lives possible.

Vital Strategies is a global public health organization that tackles the world’s most pressing health challenges by strengthening public health systems through scalable solutions.

Resolve To Save Lives is housed within Vital Strategies and led by Dr. Tom Frieden, former U.S Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We are determined to prevent millions of deaths from cardiovascular disease and epidemics.

Prevent Epidemics is a project of Resolve To Save Lives, an initiative of Vital Strategies. We are helping the world prevent the next disease outbreak by catalyzing country action to find, stop and prevent new disease threats, with a current focus on COVID-19.

Our Leadership Team.

Photo of Dr Tom Frieden
Dr Tom Frieden (Bio)

President and CEO
New York, U.S

Photo of Amanda McClelland
Amanda McClelland

Senior Vice President
New York, U.S

Photo of Dr. Cyrus Shahpar
Dr. Cyrus Shahpar (Bio)

New York, U.S

Photo of Erin Sykes
Erin Sykes

Communications Director
Georgia, U.S

Photo of Dr Emmanuel Agogo
Dr Emmanuel Agogo

Nigeria Country Representative
Abuja, Nigeria

Photo of Dr. Chris Lee
Dr. Chris Lee

Senior Technical Advisor
New York, U.S

Photo of Jobin Abraham
Jobin Abraham

Program Management Specialist
New York, U.S

Photo of Karen Luk
Karen Luk

Nigeria Country Representative
San Francisco, U.S

Photo of Dawit Bisrat
Dawit Bisrat

Country Director
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Photo of Stephanie Mayfield
Stephanie Mayfield

Director of the United States COVID Response
New York, US

Our funders.

In March 2020, we received new funding to support the COVID-19 response. Bloomberg Philanthropies is partnering with us to help lower-income countries and cities respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We provide catalytic grants to help countries “Step Up” and be prepared for the next epidemic. We work with global partners to increase the amount of funds available to support countries’ preparedness efforts.