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    PreventEpidemics.org is the world’s first website to provide an overall score for a country’s ability to find, stop and prevent diseases.

    Our ReadyScore is calculated using data from the Joint External Evaluation, a rigorous, objective and internationally-accepted epidemic preparedness tool developed by the World Health Organization and other partners. With more than 80% of assessed countries not ready for an epidemic, PreventEpidemics.org is the only place you can easily learn how prepared your country, or your neighboring country, is for the next health threat.

    PreventEpidemics.org provides concerned citizens and civil society groups with detailed country-level data, highlights of a country’s preparedness strengths and gaps, and practical advocacy tools to motivate country leaders to prioritize preparedness.

    We live in an interconnected world. It takes just 36 hours for an infectious disease to spread around across the globe. Will you be prepared when the next threat arrives?

    Learn why epidemic preparedness matters to you.

    About Resolve to Save Lives

    Resolve to Save Lives, an initiative of Vital Strategies, developed PreventEpidemics.org.

    Resolve to Save Lives
    Vital Strategies

    Our mission is to save lives.

    We will help communities save 100 million lives by implementing proven solutions to prevent heart disease and stroke, the world’s leading cause of death. And we are helping the world prevent the next disease outbreak by catalyzing country action to find, stop and prevent new disease threats.

    Our team of global health experts works with governments to help them implement evidence-based strategies that allow their citizens to lead the healthiest lives possible.

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    Infectious diseases don’t know borders. Is your community prepared for the next health threat? Find out how your country would respond to an infectious disease outbreak and what YOU can do to improve epidemic preparedness.

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    Action begins with a single step. Don't wait for someone else to make the first move; be a leader for others to follow. Help make its way to epidemic preparedness.

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