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Epidemics That Didn't Happen
Call for Submissions

The first Epidemics That Didn’t Happen report from the Prevent Epidemics team at Resolve to Save Lives highlights four case studies of infectious disease outbreaks that were stopped before they spread out of control, as well as four case studies illustrating successful responses to COVID-19.

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We want to highlight positive examples of epidemics that weren’t, or whose impact was lessened, because of careful planning and strategic action.

The COVID-19 pandemic has largely been a story of failure, revealing gaps in many countries’ preparedness and response systems. But certain organizations, countries and localities have had successful responses that should also be recognized. In studying examples of what has worked, we can make the case for epidemic preparedness as we begin to consider what preparedness will look like for the next pandemic.

We’re eager to share the important work that the epidemic preparedness community has done in the past two years. If you or a partner worked on a relevant case in 2020 or 2021, please submit a 3-5 sentence summary here. And don’t forget to share this opportunity with your networks and any colleagues who might be interested.

Our team will support the writing of the selected case studies. Submissions will be open through December 20th, 2021.

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Disclaimer: Our first report featured various countries that executed preparedness plans to mount a strong initial response to COVID-19. As the pandemic stretches on and tests the capacities of all countries’ response efforts, increased cases, deaths and response missteps may still occur. For COVID-19 case studies for this cycle, we will consider a particular aspect of a stakeholder’s preparedness or response, regardless of whether or not other aspects of the response were similarly successful.