Information About COVID-19 Vaccines

Resources on COVID-19 vaccines for public health communicators
These resources were compiled from December 2020 to February 2021 and are no longer being updated. Please visit the new Vaccines section for current tools and information.

COVID-19 Vaccine Communication Resources

Advance communications planning for the phased introduction of COVID-19 vaccines is crucial to ensure that people get the right message at the right time and feel confident about their decision to get vaccinated. That is why Resolve to Save Lives created select resources, and curated a library of others, to support communicators, public health officers, health care providers and anyone else looking for support designing strategies for evidence-based COVID-19 vaccine communications. The resources at each link below will be updated regularly to provide timely guidance.  

Communication Strategy for COVID-19 Vaccines: The Essential Checklist

Creating a dynamic communication plan for multiple COVID-19 vaccine introductions, under a phased allocation approach, can be complex – but it doesn’t have to be. Resolve to Save Lives has created an Essential Checklist to guide public health communicators in preparing and executing their vaccine communications strategy and plan for each phase of roll-out and for specific audiences. This checklist will help you plan in advance to take the right actions to share the right messages at the right time. To accompany our Essential Checklist, we’ve created a Quick Guide for Vaccine Communications that provides simplified step-by-step guidance for developing a communications plan covering all phases of vaccine roll-out, including building vaccine confidence and demand.

Troubleshooting for COVID-19 Vaccine Communications

Considering the complexities of this mass vaccination roll-out, we anticipate that there will be some confusion and certain challenges that require rapid and clear communications responses. Resolve to Save Lives has compiled some of the most likely challenge scenarios and the recommended responses to help you quickly educate your communities, combat misinformation and encourage everyone to get vaccinated. We’ve included links to evidence-based information you can incorporate into your messaging.

COVID-19 Vaccine FAQs

Some questions about COVID-19 vaccines are going to come up more often than others. That’s why Resolve to Save Lives gathered a bank of evidence-based resources to help communicators, influencers and others answer those questions with confidence. Under each main category – safety, efficacy, equitable allocation and distribution, and combating misinformation – are quick answers with links to more detailed information, which you can tailor to your audience. We will continually update this document as new data is gathered and as new vaccines are introduced.

COVID-19 Vaccine Communications Resource Guide 

There’s already a wide range of evidence-based materials available – with more being created nearly every day – that can be used by communicators, public health officers, national and local EPI officials, health care providers and anyone else looking for resources and guidance around COVID-19 vaccine communication. Subject-matter experts at Resolve to Save Lives, an initiative of Vital Strategies, have compiled and reviewed the resources we found most helpful and will continue updating this library as new materials or updated information are available.