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As part of its global COVID-19 response, Resolve to Save Lives is developing open source digital tools that will empower case investigation and contact tracing teams to boost their efficiency and effectiveness.

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Epi Contacts

Case investigators spent time manually collecting, transcribing and entering contact information from case indexes, which can lead to incomplete or inaccurate locating information. Epi Contacts is a simple digital form that can be sent via SMS directly from the case management system to enable index cases to send their contacts’ information before, during or after their case interview. Epi Contacts is an intake form that patients complete on tablets at hospitals—it’s not a replacement for an interview by a trained professional, but it helps speed up the process and improve accuracy.


  • Sends text messages to cases with link to self-serve form
  • Includes guided questions designed to trigger better recall of contacts
  • Logs event details which enables reporting and visualization of the web form funnel​


  • Increases pick-up rates by notifying cases that a case investigator will call them
  • Creates a warm case in a case management system so interviews aren’t a cold start
  • Increased reliability of contact information as it is directly inputted by index cases

Confidentiality & Security

All data is explicitly shared by cases with their local health jurisdiction and securely stored on the local health jurisdiction’s secure infrastructure, using industry-standard security practices. Epi Contacts does not use background data from the user’s device nor ask for any special permissions from the user—the form explicitly asks the person to voluntarily share data with their health jurisdiction for use in the forthcoming contact tracing interview.

Access Epi Viewpoint Source Code

You can see the open source tool on Github for inspiration.

Note: Epi Contacts is built to integrate with CommCare Case Management System. Under the open source license, you are welcome to use and modify Epi Locator to fit your environment. If your team would like technical assistance implementing or modifying Epi Locator, you can contact our technology partner, Ratio PBC, who develops and maintains these applications, at