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As part of its global COVID-19 response, Resolve to Save Lives is developing open source digital tools that will empower case investigation and contact tracing teams to boost their efficiency and effectiveness.

Contact tracing is an essential, time-tested tool to contain infectious disease outbreaks, and in this fast-moving pandemic, the speed and accuracy of COVID-19 response technology can make the difference in slowing local outbreaks. Resolve to Save Lives’ team of expert developers is currently testing its tools with public health jurisdictions in the United States. In the coming months, we aim to accelerate the impact of this technology by rapidly sharing lessons learned and making adjustments, so that tools with open source code can be available for any jurisdiction.

Epi Viaduct

Fast, reliable lab data pipeline

It’s critical to populate your case management platform with reliable data from your state’s lab feed. Viaduct automatically imports COVID lab records reliably and quickly into your case management system.

Epi Locator

Easy contact information look-up

We know contact tracers are often missing phone numbers and addresses for cases and their contacts, making it difficult to establish contact. Locator connects your case management system to third-party investigative tools, drastically reducing the effort it takes to search for and add this critical information.

Epi Contacts

Index case contact elicitation

Collecting contact information from index cases can be a manual and error-prone process. Contacts is a simple form that can be sent via SMS directly from the case management system to enable index cases to share their contacts’ information more accurately and completely.

Epi Viewpoint

The simple case management system

It can be costly and complex to implement an effective case investigation and contact tracing system. Viewpoint is a focused, simple tool that enables case investigation and contact tracing teams to manage cases and contacts and keep track of congregate settings where outbreak clusters have occurred.

Our solutions are:

  • Comprehensive: Technology, operations and implementation are deeply intertwined; technology is a part of the solution, but isn’t the solution. See Resolve to Save Live’s U.S. COVID-19 Response for full consultation and technical assistance.
  • Compatible: We’ve currently tested compatibility of our tools with Dimagi CommCare but our aim through testing with jurisdictions is to ensure that our tools will integrate with multiple case management platforms such as Dimagi CommCare, Salesforce, Sara Alert, etc.
  • Open Source: This project is supported by Resolve to Save Lives, which will enable us to eventually provide the source code for all the tools freely for any health department to adopt and modify to their needs.


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