Covid-19 / Our Work

Epidemic Intelligence Unit

In order to have an adaptive, data-driven response to the COVID-19 pandemic, governments need timely data and analysis. Our Epidemic Intelligence Unit produces tools, guidance and analysis on disease transmission and more.

Our approach

The Epidemic Intelligence Unit (EIU) compiles, reviews, analyzes and shares information to help leaders and responders in cities and countries make science-based decisions. Our technical specialists are focused on the context and impact of the COVID-19 response around the world and are connecting and providing support to all of the Resolve to Save Lives and Vital Strategies programs and partners, as well as to media. The team is also helping select ministries of health and health departments develop locally appropriate strategies for compiling, analyzing and using data for decision-making during the COVID-19 response.

Our Epidemiological Intelligence Unit consists of two teams:

Staffed by dedicated scientists in the fields of social and behavioral science, political and economic analysis, information management, and epidemiology, the Situational Awareness Team uses primary and secondary data to regularly produce maps, data visualizations, reports and syntheses of literature on the impact of and response to COVID-19. The situational awareness team contributes analysis to the Partnership for Evidence-Based Response to COVID-19, a public-private partnership including Africa Centres for Disease Control And Prevention and the World Health Organization that collects social, economic, and impact data from African Union Member States to help determine the acceptability and effectiveness of public health and social measures.

The Science Team reviews the latest scientific evidence about COVID-19 and produces a regular weekly science review, which includes data insights, FAQs, in- depth analyses and article summaries. The team also links the latest science to develop strategic briefs and maintain an up-to-date COVID-19 Playbook. This playbook is a comprehensive resource that helps decision-makers manage and adapt COVID-19 responses from early preparedness all the way through recovery. The tool features a user guide, glossary, essential checklist, and an interactive adaptive response graphic that links to key principles and high-yield tools tailored to different phases of the epidemic curve.

Dashboard on PHSM implementation to COVID-19