Resolve to Save Lives


Since March 2020, Resolve to Save Lives has worked to help country, subnational and local decision-makers in the U.S. and around the world manage and adapt their public health responses to the pandemic using evidence-based strategies.

Rendering of the 2019-nCoV virion. Dan Higgins, MAM/CDC/REUTERS

Our team regularly updates COVID-19 guidance as new information emerges. We have produced a range of products to help decision-makers and the public learn about the virus and keep their communities safe.


In Schools:

Guides on how schools can safely reopen for in-person learning during the pandemic.

Download a factsheet summarizing layered mitigation measures schools can use to reduce COVID-19 spread in fall 2021.

Our in-depth science review presents a larger overview of what the data say about reopening amidst vaccines and variants.

In 2020, we released a series of guides on the public health approach to safely reopening schools during the pandemic.

Covid-19 Resource Library

Explore high-quality resources and tools for COVID-19